About PWP Katowice

Already at the start PWP Katowice opted for a very dynamic development, as demonstrated by the establishment of a branch in Poznań, the creation of Manufacturing Centers located in Płock and Mysłowice and a Service Center covering the entire Poland.

The Company has been manufacturing modern equipment for wastewater treatment plants for years. Along with the increasing environmental awareness and stringent standards introduced by the European Union, the company acquires new user groups (e.g. industrial plants).

PWP Katowice constantly expands its production and marketing offer so that each customer gets a comprehensive service related to the mechanical wastewater treatment and processing and disposal of sludge.

The offer of our Company includes:

  • developing individual technical designs in collaboration with design agencies,
  • creating a financing system,
  • manufacturing of the whole range of equipment for the mechanical treatment of wastewater,
  • building installations for processing of sludge,
  • building installations for sludge drying, transport and combustion,
  • maintenance service provided by our own service teams and authorized representatives, covering the whole country.

The combination of knowledge and technological solutions of renowned global manufacturers with engineering staff of PWP Katowice and well equipped Production Centers in Płock and Mysłowice allows the Company to take on any challenge.

PWP Katowice headquarters is located in Mysłowice, ul. Katowicka 60, and its location has been determined by an excellent network of transport links with entire Poland and access to outstanding professionals living in the Silesian Region.

The Company’s office is staffed by a team of technical consultants involved in individual advisory services concerning the use of offered technological solutions, who also help to develop investment financing plans.

On 26th November 2007 we signed an investment agreement with INTROL S.A. Capital Group. Co-operating with the Group significantly expanded the scope of its activities, because so far it has not focused on the companies directly related to environmental issues and mechanical wastewater treatment and processing, along with the disposal of sludge. We also gained considerable financial resources to be used for further business development and investments in research projects leading to the introduction of new technologies into the Polish market.

Through the cooperation between companies within the Group, our team has been strengthened by many specialists in various fields of automation, we have also gained access to the latest technology, which no doubt will contribute even further to the comprehensiveness and increased quality of our services. The scope of distribution of our products has also widened.